Meet Poda, a revolutionary new system made with adult smokers in mind.

Poda’s Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods contain a special blend of tea leaves and synthetic nicotine – pods are inserted into the Poda heating device to heat them to precise temperatures to release nicotine and flavour with no smoke, and no ash. With our patented closed-ended pods, your device won’t need any cleaning and every pod is a fresh experience!

The Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods

Containing a specialized blend of tea leaves and synthetic nicotine, Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods were crafted to perfectly mimic tobacco offering a satisfying alternative for adult smokers. Best of all, our patented closed-ended pods keep all the mess contained. Unlike the competition, our pods won’t make your device dirty. No mess = no cleaning!

The Beyond Burn™ Poda Device

This simple, sleek heating device was tailor-made for our flagship Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods. Featuring simple one-button use and 3 temperature settings, each user can enjoy pods their own way. Fast charging and innovative design make these devices capable of heating an entire pack of Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods on a single charge, delivering easy all-day satisfaction.