Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods Carton – Regular + Menthol


200 Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods. Regular flavour for those looking for a cigarette-like flavour experience with the option to crush the filter to release a fresh menthol flavour. No smoke, no ash, no cleaning. Pure satisfaction.

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Regular + Menthol

Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods Carton

  • Contain a specialized blend infused with synthetic nicotine and containing no tobacco ingredients.
  • Provides close analog to the experience of cigarette smoking
  • Offers an improved user experience to existing heated tobacco products
  • Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods contain all the mess – no cleaning required and each pod is a fresh experience!
  • Crush filter to release flavor
  • Available in 1.5% and 2% nicotine strengths